¿Qué es la mejor forma de aprender inglés?

En mi opinión, la mejor manera de aprender una idioma es ser “semi autodidacta”. Lo que quiero decir con esto es seas semi autonomo y tomes la responsabilidad de tu propio aprendizaje. El profesor es un tutor, sensei o facilitador; Yo te doy las herramientas, pero tu harás el trabajo. Este estilo de clase es ideal especialmente para los alumnos de nivel intermedio y avanzado porque pueden dirigir su aprendizaje ellos mismos y centrarse en los asuntos que personalmente necesitan mejorar. Sin embargo, este estilo de aprendizaje puede no ser para todos. Para tener éxito, creo que los alumnos deben tener las siguientes características: Ser curiosos. Interesados en hacer preguntas y agregar algo

Spanish words that don't exist in English

This list is a work in progress so if you have any words to add or any suggestions on the translations, leave a comment! anteayer - the day before yesterday desvelado - not get much sleep or not be able to sleep estrenar - use for the first time friolento - someone that get’s cold easily comilón - someone that eats a lot dormilón - someone that sleeps a lot merendar - afternoon snack sobremesa - conversation after eating te quiero - I like you a lot pena ajena - shame on behalf of someone tocayo - someone with the same name aprovechar - to take advantage of abrigado - bundled up madrugar - to get up early madrugada - early morning Estadounidense - American or US citizen zurdo - to be left-

My Story: Learning Spanish

I took my first Spanish class when I was about 10 or 11 years old in California. My parents hired a private teacher to give me classes during the summer. The best part about this teacher was that he was also a great cartoonist. For every word he would draw a funny little stick figure picture for me, making the words and images stick in my head. Then I took a class in middle school with a teacher that tried her best with a large class of young teens who only signed up for Spanish class to have an hour of chatting, sleeping, and playing with their friends. In high school I took Spanish class every year, arriving to the highest level offered. Again, teachers doing their best with students who h

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