Tips for Taking English Classes Online

1. Consider the length of the class. For online classes we recommend frequent 1 or 1.5 hour classes. This is optimal for conversational and speaking activities. Much longer than this it can be hard to stay focused. 2. Choose the right platform. We recommend the following: #1. Zoom – Free, unlimited 1-1 meetings (40 min. limit on group meetings), you can record your class, connection is very good, and you can invite people without them having to make an account. #2. Hangouts - Free, unlimited 1-1 and group meetings, connection is very good, and you can invite people without them having to make an account. #3. Skype – Free, unlimited 1-1 and group meetings, connection is often not very good, a

Working from home because of COVID-19? Here are a few ways to spend your time

For some, Coronavirus means a sudden jolt into endless weekends. If you find yourself with some extra time these days, here’s a few tips on how to make the most of it. 1. Take care of yourself. As a first step, don’t neglect your physical and mental health. Meditate. Do jumping jacks in your living room. Practice yoga. Whatever it is that works for you, do what it takes to care for your body and mind. Also setting a routine for yourself and keeping yourself and your home clean can help make you feel better. 2. Learn a new skill. Let’s face it. If you’re stuck at home, you’re probably not going to become an expert on how to build furniture. But you could beef up your computer programming or l

Give online learning a try and improve your English during Coronavirus

Staying at home and practicing social distancing? Have you already smashed through your all the best Netflix series, and find yourself going a bit stir crazy? Many people are finding that with the increased need to stay at home during the Coronavirus crisis, they actually have a chance to tick off items on their perennial to-do list. For some, this means getting productive and achieving their professional development skills by learning online. Once the novelty of staying home and working in your PJs wears off, you may start thinking of ways to upskill so that you can hit the ground running once you return to the office. Perhaps you’ve noticed that there are certain skills that would be benef

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