16 Tips to take control of your Foreign Language Anxiety

Try these strategies to help reduce your anxiety and improve your fluency when speaking. 1. It’s okay to make mistakes. Studies have found that people with perfectionist tendencies are more prone to FLA. You can’t learn everything in theory and then expect to immediately perform it perfectly. It’s important to remember that language learning is an error-prone journey. Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody should make them. Then we learn from them. You must really understand and believe that mistakes actually make you better with the language. Mistakes are opportunities for learning. Plus, most native speakers won’t be focusing on your errors, but rather on your message and the opportunity to c

Do you suffer from Foreign Language Anxiety?

1. The Effects of Foreign Language Anxiety Have you experienced any of the following when learning or speaking a foreign language? Discouraged about language learning A loss of faith in your ability to succeed A fear of participating in foreign language activities A feeling of wanting to give up learning Physical symptoms such as sweating, palpitations, and trembling Difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, freezing, or going blank Anxiety is found to have a detrimental effect on student’s performance in the classroom. Anxious students participate less, have poorer performance in speaking activities, are less able to self-edit and identify language errors, use avoidance strategies such as sk

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