Spanish words that don't exist in English

September 6, 2017

This list is a work in progress so if you have any words to add or any suggestions on the translations, leave a comment!


anteayer - the day before yesterday

desvelado - not get much sleep or not be able to sleep

estrenar - use for the first time

friolento - someone that get’s cold easily

comilón  - someone that eats a lot

dormilón - someone that sleeps a lot

merendar - afternoon snack

sobremesa - conversation after eating

te quiero - I like you a lot

pena ajena - shame on behalf of someone

tocayo - someone with the same name

aprovechar - to take advantage of

abrigado - bundled up

madrugar - to get up early 

madrugada - early morning

Estadounidense  - American or US citizen

zurdo - to be left-handed

usted - (no equivalent) 

buen provecho - enjoy your food / bon a petit

barbaridad - atrocity, excess, an imprudent act

entrecejo - the space between the eyebrows

quincena - 15 days (similar word in English: fortnight = 14 days)


consuegros - in-laws; parents of my daughter/son’s wife/husband

puente - a long weekend 

arreglarse - to get ready

malparido - literally “miscarried”, but common translation is bastard

naco - someone having poor taste

tener cariño a alguien - to deeply love or care for someone

ganas - urge or feel like

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